Racelogic VBOX HD Motorsport

We are delighted to announce that the long awaited VBOX HD video data logger is now available from us here at CCR Motorsports Engineering!

Bringing together all of the driver development features from our existing products, the new VBOX HD records crisp, high definition video in high vibration environments without suffering from the wobble and distortion inherent with normal HD cameras.

VBHD-60-cam-600px Instead of using a rolling shutter which scans the recorded image from top to bottom, the VBOX HD camera uses a 720p CMOS sensor with global shutter to expose each pixel simultaneously – a feature which allows it to produce the sharpest image in its class when used in a harsh race car environment.

Circuit Tools has been updated to handle VBOX HD files, and this clarity along with synchronised 10Hz GPS data allows for precise analysis of braking and turn in points.

Graphical overlay is possible using our HD Setup software, resulting in stunning data-enhanced video with high-definition graphics.

VBOX HD takes video data logging to a whole new level. For more information please contact us.