Used Parts

From time to time, CCR Motorsport Engineering will have some product samples that have been used for testing, or parts removed from the CoolCava Racing team racing cars for sale. The diverse inventory includes both stock Porsche race parts and team-designed components suitable for racers from club to professional levels. When there are any parts available, they will be listed here.

Selection of Michelin Tyres


Any racing team want the tyres to be at their best performance, and team CoolCava Racing are no different in this respect. As such we see a high turn around on tyres as part worn ones are replaced with new ones. Whilst the removed tyres are no good for racing due to the number of heat cycles or age, they are still perfectly OK for track day fun driving and road use.

We do not accept any returns, liability or warranty claims on used tyres that we supply and install. We recommend that the tyres are inspected before purchase to ensure they are acceptable. Pictures and additional details can be supplied on request.

Here is a current list of what we have available (we can install and balance at additional cost), price negotiable if you purchase more than one:

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

  • 2 x 295/30-18 part warn @ €100 + VAT each
  • 2 x 295/30-18 close to limit @ free
  • 3 x 265/35-18 part warn @ €80 + VAT each
  • 2 x 265/35-18 close to limit @ free
  • 1 x 225/40-18 part warn @ €60 + VAT

Michelin Pilot Sport

  • 4 x 205/50-17 very little use @ €95 + VAT each
  • 1 x 205/50-17 installed but never used @ €100 + VAT
  • 2 x 225/40-17 very little use @ € 100 + VAT each
  • 1 x 225/40-17 installed but never used @ €120 + VAT

Custom 996 GT3 Cup front PU and splitter – €299 + VAT


This is a custom made 996 GT3 style front bumper and splitter, which was made to fit the CoolCava Racing Porsche Boxster. Included in the sale is the front fiberglass bumper, fiberglass splitter and the plywood splitter support. Picture of unit installed can be found here . This unit is not a direct fit and will need to be installed by a professional.

Modified Porsche 996/Boxster front fenders – €200 + VAT


This is a set of factory steel early Porsche 996/Boxster front fenders that have been widened by approximately 1″ on each side to accommodate wider wheels. These fenders will fit a factory car with some modification to the front bumper where it meets the side of the fenders due to the extra width.

Installation by a professional body shop is recommended, or we can assist in getting the fenders installed at extra cost.

Porsche 997 GT3 Adjustable Front Swaybar – €259 + VAT


Brand new Porsche 997 adjustable GT3 Swaybar ordered in error for a customer project. The Porsche part number is 997.343.701.95. Fully adjustable with four positions available, the factory GT3 swaybar is the best on the market. The light weight hollow bars are half the weight of a solid bar with the same stiffness. Includes new bushes.

Porsche 964 side skirts (sill trim covers) – €159 + VAT


A set of Porsche 964 side skirts and rear trim covers. These are factory parts and not aftermarket fiberglass reproductions.

Removed from an early 911 3.2 Carrera, so have holes in the side from where they were mounted with screws.

Porsche Boxster fuel tank – €49 + VAT


Porsche Boxster fuel tank with level sender and pump removed from race car build last year. Tank has part number 996.201.014.04 and will fit RHD car.

More parts will be added soon, or contact us for product availability, details and pricing.